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Sustainable Agriculture

If you plan for a decade, plant trees. If you plan for a century, educate people.



Balmed sources cocoa and robusta coffee from over 13.000 small scale farmers in Sierra Leone. Before entering the Balmed Certification Programm, every farmer must be registered within the system and get a unique farmer code.

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The Balmed Blockfarming System© is a revolutionary land-use model for agricultural crops. Since the start of Balmed´s Blockfarming System©, the company outplanted over 600 ha new cocoa plantations and employed 500 youths in its farms.

Social Responsibility

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We believe in a fair and sustainable production. Our corporate responsibility do prohibitwill any form of childlabour, forced labour, gender gap and repression.

Disabled farmer program

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Disabled farmer program

The Ebola crisis has had a tremendous impact on the livelihoods of smallholder farmers. Especially vulnerable groups like widows, elderly and disabled people are the worst affected victims of the crisis. Therefore Balmed started an initiative to support disabled people in its operational areas who have lost relatives due to Ebola. The focus group are widows with children.

A4D outplanting activities

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A4D outplanting activities

The EU funded project, Agriculture for Development, A4D is actively supporting Balmed in its rehabilitation and outplanting activities in the Eastern Provinces of Sierra Leone. The project provided technical assitance and inputs for Balmed´s nursery as well as for the distribution of cocoa seedlings to smallholder farmers in the project areas. A total of 335.000 cocoa seedlings have been nursed and outplanted on 300 hectare GPS surveyed farmland.

Micro finance for cocoa farmers

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Micro finance

The Sierra Leone based company Microfinance Trust Ltd. has visited Balmed cocoa farmers to work out possible fields of collaboration in the agriculture sector. The project aims to provide loans to cocoa farmers to rehabilitate old and unproductive farms in order to increase quality and quantity and therefore the income of cocoa farmers.

Quick and professional aid required to stop the spreading of the Ebola virus.

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Quick and professional aid

The current Ebola outbreak has cause over 1.000 deaths and infected close to 4.000 people in Sierra Leone so far. In order to stop the spread of the disease, professional aid needs to come quick, to put rapid countermeasures in place. With its network of 20.000 rural farmers in the most affected areas in Sierra Leone, Balmed has actively joined the fight against Ebola. In partnership with the Sierra Leonean Government, as well as international organizations, the company is providing full support to rural farmers and communities, in most affected and quarantined districts.

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