Cashew, COVID & climate change

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Balmed cashew nuts in Sierra Leone

Balmed is a supply chain operator focussing towards a CO2 neutral & inclusive cashew value network that acts as a driver for sustainable change and positively impacts the lives of thousands, mainly female smallholder farmers in Sierra Leone. Driving digital transformation and inclusion for impactful development, Balmed is actively using the cloud based SAP Rural Sourcing Management with a designated mobile app for field agents and real-time analytics cloud reports for progress reporting and M&E. Since the COVID outbreak the company kept on planting new cashew orchards under the Balmed Blockfarming System. Organic treecrops such as cashew positively contribute towards reversing effects of climate change and CO2 exhaustion. Furthermore Balmed is continously exporting Cashew nuts from Sierra Leone the 5th consecutive year. We would like to use this opportunity to thank our partners and investors throughout our experience and learning journey.